What people are saying about SureStop's LED paddle signs.

What crossing guards are saying

"The cars are noticing and the way we can tell is because they are stopping sooner and they are making eye contact earlier because of the sign."

"The reflectiveness of the sign and lights causes drivers to stop much sooner. Makes it easier as a crossing guard to have the confidence to do my job."

"It will get the pedestrians’ and drivers’ attention especially when I'm out here in the dark, it's a good safety feature."

"The flashing lights will make the drivers pay more attention to the sign."

"As a crosswalk guard, I love it, we need it, and I'd like to have it now!"

What parents and teachers are saying

"The cars are too often just not paying attention to the crosswalk guards. But now with these new signs cars can see the sign up to at least 150 yards back, and I feel a lot safer about my daughter crossing by herself."

"You really notice the sign, whether it is directly facing the sun or the sun is behind the sign. The lights are really prevalent. I highly recommend it."

While education is our schools’ primary goal, ensuring the safety of our students using the crosswalks going to and from school is paramount. Simply put, SureStop’s Crosswalk Guard Paddles make our children, crossing guards, and drivers far safer. I’d love to see them used at all schools in Maricopa County.

Bill Gates, Maricopa County Supervisor and former City of Phoenix councilman

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